A Layout Featuring Grandma Clara

I have nothing but fond memories of my Grandma Clara.

She was fun, creative, a fantastic cook and an all around beautiful person.

Grandma Clara loved to laugh, watch soap operas and eat chocolate.

Grandma Clara would often go buy the “good root-beer” which in translation was in fact: Pepsi.

Grandma Clara taught me how to tie a quilt, sew a pillow case and make the perfect poached eggs.

Just a few fun memories (I have billions) of Grandma Clara.

A fun fact:

We called my grandmother, “Grandma Clara” because my mother would refer to her as, “Clara”…to us grandchildren she became “Grandma Clara.”

My mother and grandmother were the best of friends. I remember being frustrated as a child because they would spend hours on the telephone…even after they had spent the entire morning together.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope that you have a fantastic day!

xoxo, Christie


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