A Paper Flower Tutorial

I’ve had quite a few email requests asking how to make the handmade flowers on my projects and layouts.

I know that there are tutorials all over the internet that explain how to create these paper flowers but I’ll share my version anyway.

I first learned how to put these flowers together from my friend, Linda. Then, it was explained to me again while creating a make-n-take at Winter 2009 CHA.

So, without further ado…

A paper flower tutorial:

1. Cut 12 circles:

five 2 inch circles,

four 1-3/4 inch circles

and three 1-1/2 inch circles.

You can use circle punches, I used my Cricut machine.

2. Chalk the edges of all 12 circles.

3. Crumple the five 2-inch circles, then flatten them out a bit.

4. Create your paper flower’s first layer by gluing the five circles together in a flower-like fashion as seen here:

5. Create the next layer of your paper flower by using the four 1-3/4 inch circles. Like before, rumple the circles and glue them together in a flower-like fashion.

6. Glue your second layer on top of the first.

7. To create the third and final layer, repeat the crumpling and gluing with the final 3 circles.

8. Glue the final layer on top of the first two.

Now you have a paper flower.

To add some sparkle, break out some white glitter (or your color of choice) and a glue bottle with a fine tip.

9. Create fine lines of glue on the petals of your paper flower

10. Cover your paper flower with glitter.

11. Shake off the excess glitter and allow it to dry.

12. To finish your flower, glue a button or beads in the center, allow to dry for several minutes.

You’re finished!

Attach your finished flower to your layout or project.

You can make larger or smaller flowers by starting with bigger or smaller circles. All layers should be about 1/4 of and inch smaller than the layer underneath it.

Have fun!

xoxo, Christie

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