Alyssa’s Sculpey Sensations

Say that five times fast.

This is my cousin, Alyssa. She creates amazing miniatures with Sculpey clay.

Alyssa’s creations are so tiny that my camera had a hard time focusing on them.

My daughter, Izabelle made a tiny bottle for one of Alyssa’s babies. Look how tiny the baby is…smaller than Izabelle’s thumb nail.

See what I mean about my camera not focusing. These little people are tiny!

Alyssa made her family out of clay, along with loads of Disney Princesses. I can spot Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snow White, Belle…

Here’s a look at Belle next to my ruler.


Look at the detail…the curls in her hair…

…the roses on her dress.


And these tiny dancers have rhinestones in their hair.

Alyssa gave me this miniature bride before she left. I love the tiny roses.

Alyssa’s creations are so amazing. I just had to share.

Have a fabulous week!

xoxo, Christie

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