The Horse Whisperer + Cowgirl {TJ Designs}

I have always admired my little sister, she’s naturally a cowgirl. Born that way. I love horses myself but I enjoy petting them more than riding them.

My dad and Emilee often ride together, they’ve got a kind of ‘horse-bond’…for lack of a better word. They connect on a different level…a horse level?


Emilee has always been good to let Izabelle ride her horses. In the layout below Izabelle and her friends, Marianne and Alisha (The Three Musketeers) are riding Emilee’s horse, Buddy.

Buddy was Emilee’s very first horse.

The girls definitely felt like cowgirls, for sure.

I’ve got another busy weekend ahead…be sure to check back for my final Summer Stash Giveaway.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

xoxo, Christie


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