McKenzie’s Wedding Tags

My Cousin, Katie asked me to make some tags for the tables at her daughter, McKenzie’s wedding this weekend.

She also needed tags for the homemade lolly pops they made.

I’m headed to Utah for the wedding this weekend. I can’t wait to see McKenzie in her wedding dress!

I remember when Mckenzie was just a baby…time goes by so fast.

…a little too fast.

Katie joked with me about Izabelle. She said that one day I’ll wake up and my little girl will be getting married.

I know Izabelle’s wedding is many, many  years in the future but the way these years keep flying by…

Years have seemed like days.

And if McKenzie was just a baby a few days ago and Izabelle was a baby yesterday then I guess her wedding will be here sooner than I ever imagined.

Best wishes to McKenzie and Jordan.


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope that you have a SUPER day!

xoxo, Christie


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