Christmas Tree Advent + A Christmas Treat

Recently I purchased a wooden advent tree from a local craft store called, Porters.

I put my kids to work painting it green. They actually wanted to help. Seriously.

Once the tree was dry, I decorated each of the little drawers.


I made a mistake and didn’t realize it until I was taking photos. It’s a little too late to fix it now but see if you can spot it.

The first person to spot it and leave a comment that correctly states the mistake will receive a special Christmas “Scrapbooking” Treat.


O.K. on with the post…

Here are some close up photos of the decorated drawers (I went through a lot of mod podge):

Here’s a shot of the entire tree:

I’m going to put little gifts or treats in each of the drawers along with something special for us to do as a family each day. Some of the ideas I’ve come up with are things like, baking cookies, caroling, making candy, shopping with Dad, taking photos for our Christmas cards, shopping with mom, watch a Christmas movie, bowling, going to the library to check out books, etc.

So, did you find the mistake I made? My kids haven’t noticed yet, neither has Dan…I’m going to see how long it takes them to notice it.

xoxo, Christie


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