The Bride

My sweet cousin, McKenzie at her reception last November.


We finally got a little snow here.

I love it when the yellow grass and leafless trees get covered with white fluffiness.

It looks clean and lovely again (hopefully it stays this way for a few days).

I spent Sunday and Monday in bed, the flu got the better of me. Usually I can function…even when I’m sick but this flu really took it out of me. I tried to catch up on housework and my piles of laundry today, at least until I wore myself out again…amazing how our bodies make us take it easy whether we want to or not.

Have you escaped the flu this season? It’s captured everyone in my family except Izabelle, lucky girl.

Right now I’m so thankful for my fluffy down comforter. Time to go crawl underneath it.

Stay healthy,

Christie xoxo


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