A Valentine

I love Valentine’s Day. Love is a beautiful thing, why not have a special day each year to celebrate it?

I am a woman who is lucky in love. I am blessed with a very romantic husband. Dan consistently expresses his deep and enduring love for me…like on a daily basis.

Until I met Dan, I never actually knew that I was the kind of woman who needed to hear a profession of love on a daily basis. And now that I know how wonderful it is, I cannot live without it.

I wake up in the morning feeling gross and groggy and Dan will tell me how beautiful I am. He treats me like a queen and makes me want to treat him like a king…and I do.

Dan has always been supportive of my creative side. He has purchased a beautiful camera for me; let me drive off on trips to visit scrapbooking friends and attend scrapbooking retreats in far away places. He has surprised me with photo editing software and crafty supplies. Dan has been so supportive of my crafty adventures and never complained when I’m buckling down spending late nights crafting before design team deadlines or spending loads of time creating handmade presents. And oddly enough he has a really good eye if I need that little “extra something” on a layout or project. He’s been known to say things like: “That photo needs to be popped up,” or “This layout needs a button right here,” and “maybe you should use that yellow ribbon on this one…”

I am grateful for Dan’s input and the way he pushes me to be my best. He is the perfect man for me. After almost 17 years of marriage, I am still so very much in love with him, my sweet, handsome Valentine.

It is my sincere hope that you have someone equally as special to spend your Valentine’s Day with.

XOXO, Christie

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