Ready for Color

As much as I love watching the seasons change…and as beautiful as the snow is, I’m officially ready for Spring.

I love it when the world turns from white to green. I’m crossing my fingers it’s soon.

March is going to be a fun-packed month! First we get to celebrate “green” day with St. Patty’s around the corner. Can anyone say corned beef and cabbage? Yum!

Then, Easter is upon us. I love Easter! To watch the flowers bloom is such a beautiful thing. The baby chicks hatch, the tree’s bud and wake up form their Winter sleep, everything is new and wonderfully gorgeous again.

But mostly I love Easter because I am reminded of how truly blessed I am. I am so truly grateful for my Savior and the sacrifice He made. I so grateful for the celebration of His resurrection and the beautiful Plan of Salvation.

XOXO, Christie


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