Did You Miss Me?

DSC_0165It’s been months and months.

And months.

I wish I had a really good excuse for staying away for so long.

For awhile there, I’d forgotten how to make time to craft.

It’s still not an easy thing to do…make time.

DSC_0164I can tell you that I have been enjoying LOTS

of minutes spent

almost every day with my little nephew,


DSC_0162Speaking of Marcus:

I really have some catching up to do.

I’ve purchased the baby paper and scrapbooking supplies, now it’s time to get crafting.

DSC_0157I have officially claimed Marcus as my own.

Emilee, my sister (and the mother of Marcus), has been made aware of this fact.

She was told that she may have carried this little guy for 9 months

but he’s my baby.

DSC_0160It’s really been a joy to have a baby around again.

Teenagers aren’t as cuddly as cute little babies.

DSC_0161Although, my teenagers are in love with Marcus too.

Here’s a current photo of the little angel:


Thanks for hanging in there while I figured out how to blog again!


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