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Another in my long list of shameless plugs:

My Spring Album Kit is now available at TheScrappyGourmet.com

And Scrappy Gourmet has also re-stocked my Beach Album Kit:

There, I’m finished promoting my kit designs,

I may just go throw up now.


In other news…

I was sewing like a crazy lady yesterday.

I had some leftover fabric from a couple Aprons I am making….

I thought that I may just have enough fabric there to experiment with a Lap Quilt.

I should have been cleaning my house, especially since Laura is coming this weekend.

But I had the entire day off and really wanted to create something.


So after the kitchen was cleaned thoroughly

and while I did ten loads of laundry,

I quilted.

I was happy with how the little quilt turned out.

Keep in mind that I put it together without a pattern

and I’m still too nervous and inexperienced to try free-motion quilting,

so…it’s nothing to write home about.

I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!

xoxo, Christie

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  • Carmen says:

    Looks like you’ve been busy too! A little bit of shameless promotion is okay. The kits are lovely! I like your quilt too. I made a few quilts quite a while back now. It’s a fun hobby and very rewarding. Sometimes we just have to leave the house or else we’d never get any crafting done! If you’re like me though, you’ll probably be scrambling to get it done asap!! LOL…

  • Jing-Jing says:

    You have been extremely busy and your books are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue says:

    love the books – I wish I could sew – i can’t at all and I love the quilt really makes me wish i could
    have a fun w/e xx

  • Mammatalk says:

    Oh, please plug away. You should. Your stuff is gorgeous!

  • Teri says:

    Your little quilt is beautiful! I haven’t quilted in ages. I think I stopped, hmm, right after the third kiddie was born. Hmm.

  • wow, those albums are goooorgeous! and your little quilt is so pretty – great job! i wish i knew how to use my sewing maching on something other than paper lol!

  • Hello Christie, what a lot of work you’ve done :)! I love your mini-books and your little quilt has turned out beautifully!!! My confession: I never have quilted, but it is not a tradition in the Netherlands.

  • Promote away, girlfriend! I would too, if I had your talent. Your albums are lovely, Christie.

  • Courtney Green says:

    love the beach thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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