Staying Positive?

There was a day last year when my father told me that I was the happiest person he knew.

Always smiling and positive.

For some reason I find myself arriving at my happy place but I just can’t stay there.

Lately it’s been so hard for me to stay positive….

And now, I find my feelings spilling over onto my blog.

Maybe this is just me

reaching out?

I’m not sure.

I pulled Parker out of school last Friday.  He will be staying home for the last few weeks.

Being Autistic and becoming a teenager has started to take it’s tole on me as a mother.

I’m exhausted.  Mentally.

He’s been so angry.  Defiant even.

And I’m at my whits end.

Where did my sweet boy go?

He’s in there somewhere, he’s a good boy.

I know he is.

I love him so much, more than words.

He’s just struggling.

And lately I feel helpless…

Like a bad Mom.

I never knew raising a teenager could be so hard.

I’ll figure all this out…I know I will.

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