Happy Birthday to Two Amazing People!

For Izabelle’s birthday yesterday, she picked out a special Rasberry Lemon Cupcake from Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe.

We purchased five additional flavors at Cocoa Bean, including: Strawberry Red Velvet and Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake (among others).

Izabelle’s mandatory 10th Birthday photo:

Dear Izabelle,
Welcome to double-digits my sweet girl, there’s no going back now!
It’s amazing to think that you had such a tiny start to life at only 2 pounds 6 ounces. Now you’ve grown into a beautiful girl with an amazingly kind, totally quirky personality. I love how thoughtful you are, how creative you are and how you bless my life every single day. You have grown into such a smart, funny and loving girl. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. I feel so honored to be your mother.

Today is another special person’s birthday…my Grandmother, Louise Crabree.

Dear Grandma Crabtree,
There are not words to express what an amazing blessing it is to be your granddaughter.  You have enriched and blessed my life in countless ways.  You are a shining example and I aspire to be just like you.
Thank you for sharing your time, talents, wonderful food and even more wonderful life stories.  Thank you for your patients and kindness. Thank you for showing me the importance of documenting my children’s life through photography and for instilling in me the desire to keep a record of my family’s history through letters, articles, handwriting, drawings, etc.  I’ve learned from the best!
I appreciate all that you do and love you very much.
I hope that your feel special today, not only because it’s your birthday but because you are a very special and unique woman. My birthday wish for you is that this coming year is filled with love, delight and countless blessings.
With much love,


In other news…

It’s starting to look a little “spooky” around these parts.

We’re getting ready for Izabelle’s Spooky Birthday Party next weekend.

Here’s a few photos of what now resides  inside our apothecary jars:

Have a fabulous day!

xoxo, Christie

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