Happy 11th Birthday Izabelle!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Izabelle!

When you were born, you were so tiny…only 2 pounds, 6 ounces. Your due date was December 22nd, but you came early.

THREE months early!

I love to look at this photo of you…only minutes old. Your daddy’s hands around your tiny body.

I remember the blessing that my dad, Grandpa Wolfe gave you with Brother Fillerup. Did you know that Brother Fillerup (Dr. Fillerup) is the doctor that delivered me when I was born? How neat is that?

I remember my Grandpa & Grandma Crabtree, (your great-grandparents) came to visit you in the hospital. I remember when Grandpa held your tiny body in his hands and said,

“Isn’t it glorious that inside this tiny baby girl lies the keys to create generations?”

I sat in awe, and pondered how amazing it was that you survived, and because you survived, you will have children, and your children will have children.

Generations. Grandpa was right, it was, and still is a glorious thing to ponder.

I remember feeling confident that you would survive and grow to be a woman with children of your own.

And you have grown.

You grew into a beautiful baby, then an adorable toddler…

…a cute kid…

…and a gorgeous girl.

I love you!

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet girl.

xoxo, Momma


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