Grandmother’s Handwriting


A letter arrived in my mail box…it was in my Grandmother’s handwriting. Immediately my heart felt warm, I felt her love from afar.

My Grandmother, Louise Hobbs Crabtree, instilled a passion in me for photography. Grandma always had a camera in hand and was snapping away. Her family history is very well documented by photographs.

Through the years Grandma has sent me countless photographs that she has taken, her handwriting is on the back of each one, showing the date it was taken, who is in the photograph and how old they were at the time. I wish I had her skill for organization.

I have developed quite a fondness for my Grandmother’s handwriting. I save everything that has her handwriting on it; the letters she sends, the photographs she takes, the articles and recipes she sends…I love them all and can’t seem part with them.

I feel her love and thoughtfulness every time I see her perfect handwriting.

grandmother’s handwriting


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