Aspire to Higher

There was something inside me today was SCREAMING to create. I wanted to make something new, something pretty, stretch my mind and think of a new creative way to do something. I had an idea to combine paper and flowers to make a hanging flower arrangement. I drove to the store in the middle of my busy day and bought some silk flowers. I got home and instead of making the flower arrangement I end up re-arranging my entire living room. It happens.

My husband says I get the “itch to switch” about every six months (I don’t think it’s quite that often). When I asked him how he felt about the current state of the living room he mentioned to words: awesome, cozy, nifty, nice…I can’t believe this man puts up with me!

As for the flower arrangement, I hope I’ll get to it sometime this weekend…

For now my dining room table still looks like this:

scrapbooking supplies

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