Graphic 45 Design Team!

It was love at first glance.  I tagged along with Karen (PSB) and her sister Deb to CHA (super-sweet of her to invite me).  Karen spotted something shiny…it ended up being the glitter on an amazing heart box inside of a baby carriage decorated to the nine. Yup, it was the Graphic 45 Booth. Karen screetched to a halt…”Wait, we have to check this out” and boy oh boy! Talk about amazing! Graphic 45 was totally Karen’s style and MINE TOO! Karen, Deb and I were drooling over this paper (don’t worry we were careful not to ruin it)! 
Back at PSB, when Karen brought the paper out, preparing to put on the shelf…I was snatching it up before she could even get it out of the plastic.  Seriously, I bought so many sheets of this paper, my stack was about 2 inches thick (keep in mind, this is two sided paper we’re talking about)! 
I imediately went to work on a little baby album with the “Baby 2 Bride Collection” and started working on a class using the Times Nouveau Collection”. 
Well, lucky for me Aimee Fililmoehala (Director of Marketing for G45) found my blog (I’m sure with a little nudge from Karen).  And Guess what? They have asked me to be on thier DESIGN TEAM!  How amazing is that?  I’m super-excited and bursting at the seams to get started on some projects! Yipee!
Just yesterday I received my first shipment of thier paper and there was a beautiful card inside (made with the Times Nouveau Collection).  I had to post photos of the card [above] because it’s just that gorgeous! *sqeal*

Don’t forget to enter to win my hand-made mini album.  Click HERE.

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