Relay for Life Luminaria’s

It’s getting closer to midnight and I’m working on Luminaria bags.  I’m participating in Relay for Life this year and am having a wonderful experience doing so.  It’s very rewarding to be a part of such a great cause.  As a selling point for Luminaria bags, I offered to “scrapbook” each bag that my friends and family donated (the photo above is one of them – sorry about the blurry photo, it’s late).

Recently (Monday) I found out that my little cousin Ian was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  I have known many affected by cancer…some have survived and conquered and some have passed on, all whom have touched my life.  But hearing about my little cousin Ian just about yanked my heart out.  Ian’s Dad Michael (my uncle) and I have been always been very close.  Michael is only a few months older than me…we grew up together and Ian is his baby.

I love to help and serve as much as possible and never before have I felt so helpless…what can I do for Mike and his family while so far away?  I tried to reach Mike and I finally emailed him to make sure he knew that I would take the next flight out if he needed me.  For now, I do what I can: Pray, pray, PRAY.  I have fasted and prayed like never before.

Micheal has started a blog for Ian to keep everyone updated.  Mike and his wife Corrie are such special and amazing parents.  Mike has reported on Ian’s blog that he has begun treatment and is already showing improvement.  After a few years of treatment Ian will recover!

For those of you who donated money for luminaria bags from my team,  THANK YOU!  I will send you all photos of your bags lit up at the Relay this weekend.  I will also post some photos here on my blog).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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