A Wonderful Weekend…

What a crazy-buzy, beautiful, wondeful weekend!

May I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Seth Wolfe…

My little bro looks so happy!  And why wouldn’t he be…look at his beautiful bride!

It was so fun to catch up with family and friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.  Here is a photo of my Cousin Kim with her niece Haven:

Lipstick is very important to girls…

And my cuties (I can’t leave them out):


Later that night I walked at the Relay for Life.  I actually convinced my Cousin Katie and her daughter McKinzie to walk from Midnight until 2am with me (Katie’s daughter Mariah wanted to come to but we couldn’t wake her up).  Mariah was pretty upset the next morning.  I felt bad, I would’ve loved to have that extra time with her. 

The Luminarias were beautiful…I wish that the photos actually did them justice.  It an amazing site to see so many names around the track…these were just names of people affected by cancer in our area.  A little overwhelming.


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