Love On A Plate

I first met Sandra Sage while scrapbooking at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.  My Mother and I sat at the table next to her and chatted all day long.  Sandra just happened to be catering the “All Day Crop” we were enjoying so much.  We learned about the restaurant Sandra used to own, her catering business, the Memory Books she makes for her elderly friends and most of all her daughters and grandchildren.  Sandra’s food was amazing and my Mom and I begged her for recipes!  That is when we learned about her Cook Book.  At that time it had not been released yet but she did jot down our addresses so that she could inform us when it was published. 

Less than a year later I received a beautiful invitation to her book signing.  My Mom received one also and called me at once!  I was taking a night class at the time and had to miss the book signing but my Mother and Sister went.  They told stories afterwards of how beautiful the tables were, how wonderful the food was and how touched they were when they listened to Sandra talk about her book. 

My Mom purchased my signed copy of the book and then held on to it for a couple of weeks (I think she was trying to torture me a little).  When I finally got my hands on the book the anticipation was so great that I had to starting reading right away. 

Sandra’s Cook Book is not only full of fabulous recipes, the first half of it is made up of her personal stories.  Sandra talks about her life’s journeys and inspiration while paying tribute to those she has served and have touched her life.  I mush admit, I didn’t get through very many pages without being touched to the point of tears.   While reading her book I felt an overwhelming need to serve love to my family.  I started serving our dinners at the table again, no more meals in front of the television.  I was amazed at how much my children responded to this.  Dinner time has become such a treasured time of closeness and conversation for me and my family.  Sandra reminded me how important that family time is.

Soon after I got my hands on Sandra’s book my family left on a trip to Idaho to stay with my parents.  I took “Love on a Plate” with me and read it cover to cover.  I felt an immediate bond to Sandra through the love of her Grandmother.  My relationship with my own Grandmother (Louise Crabtree) is so similar, I almost felt as though she was telling my story. 

I have had the oportunity to get to know Sandra because of our similar interest in Scrapbooking.  I’ve been blessed to spend time with her, talk to her about her book and witness her acts of selflessness and kindness. 

Over the weekend Sandra catered my brother’s wedding.  The tables were gorgeous, the presentation of the food was breathtaking and the food was incredible!  Best of all…I took pictures!

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