The Sweetest Thing…

Yesterday and Today were long work days. I had a rough evening last night, my husband and I were both a little grumpy, we got in a little tiff about the budget. It was getting close to my kids bedtime so I went into my daughter’s room to tell her and her brother a story. When I was finished and both kids were tucked in their beds my daughter said she had a “surprise” for me.
“You will see it when you go to bed mom”.
Of course I had to go check it out right away.
Like I mentioned before it was a long work day and I had left the house that morning without making my bed. When I entered my bedroom I noticed that my sweet girl had not only made my bed (and fluffed the pillows) she had also written a sweet note that said to “look under the pillows”. The sweetest thing…she must have heard my husband and I quarreling about the budget because she had placed one gold dollar under my pillow and another under my husband’s.
I was in tears and felt so grateful for her thoughtfulness. I also felt a little guilty that she had over-heard my husband and I.
I went to her room and gave back her dollar along with a big hug and thanked her for her thoughtfulness.  I mentioned to her that she was my VERY FAVORITE GIRL.

I gave the note to my husband and handed him his dollar. He gave the sweet girl her money back too.

The Sweetest thing, right? You better believe that little girl has a special place in my heart!

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