3 Days of SCRAPBOOK Heaven…

Friday, Saturday and Sunday…Scrapbooking away at PSB!  I’m so excited!

Here’s a photo from last year’s 3-day crop…my friend Barbara (LOTR soul-mate) won THREE clear albums…I wonder what my lucky friend will win this year!!!

This morning I watched my beautiful niece Kayla.  Today she helped me pack for my crop and became a little obsessed with my “bag of buttons”.

I’m her Auntie so of course I let her play with the buttons.  It’s amazing how much fun a small child can have placing buttons in a plastic frying pan and pretending to cook them.

Kayla likes drawing on the white board almost as much as she likes buttons.  I have to admit…it’s adorable!

As for all of my friends here in blog world…check back over the next couple of days…I’ll post some photos of the projects I complete during my crop! 🙂

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