Thank You…

…thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog!  It is so much fun to share life’s little details with all of you…I can’t believe you all are actually interested in viewing my projects (and my life for that matter…since I can’t help but share that too).  I appreciate your comments and all the “blog love” and hope you keep coming back to visit!

In other random news…

Orange Crush is my all time favorite soda.  I’ve always enjoyed a good soda, I admit I’m kinda a Pepsi girl too.   That is I was a Pepsi girl until about 2 minutes ago when I read THIS.  Now, Readers beware…if you click on the word “THIS” above you will most likely be shocked into never drinking soda again.  I’ve officially sworn it off myself…goodbye beloved Orange Crush.  *sniff* 

P.S.  – Enter to win, for details click HERE.


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