Sprocket Woman…

Sprocket Woman’s real name is Mrs. Larrence (my son’s 4th grade teacher). Sprocket woman is AMAZING! These are the facts: She’s married to Sprocket Man (Super Heroes like to marry other Super Heroes), she wears her red cape and mask around school, she created a “Bike Shop” for the kids in her class and for the last 3 months has had a real “Bike Shop” owner donating time each day, teaching the kids to repair bicycles. Sprocket Woman had had a bike extravaganza and school (they gave away 20 bikes, even more helmets, bike locks and safety pads), created “Bike Safety” day at school and also was in charge of “Ride Your Bike To School Week” where the kids have to check in and sign a bike safety contract.

The students in her class are learning all aspects of business…she has some in sales, some in book-keeping, etc. My son is learning to be a Bike Mechanic (he has always loved to take things apart and put them back together).  She has even made business cards for each student!  Fun!

Seriously…the kids love this and Sprocket Woman (Mrs. Larrence) is an outstanding teacher. If you think this is cool, you should have seen the classroom when they studied Egypt! They made their room into a museum and built a Tomb for other classes to tour (of course she was Pharaoh Larrence). Yup, she sure does know how to go the extra mile!

I was thinking about end of year gifts for my children’s teachers and wanted to do something cool for them. Obviously I chose to make a “Sprocket Woman” wall hanging…I couldn’t resist when I bought the Tim Holtz Sprocket Gears! I hope Sprocket Woman likes it!

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