Love my Pooch!

Yes, we love our Pooch!  Marley is our friend, we love him so…

Our dog Marley is my daughter’s best friend!  Marley thinks he’s only 10 pounds and will try to sit on your lap if you let him.  He enjoys snuggling and tug-of-war.  And boy oh boy is he strong.  We don’t have much of a yard so he’s an inside dog but he does enjoy his walks and occasionally he gets to visit my Parent’s dogs out at their Ranch.

The first photo above is a sneak peek at the “Love my Pooch” class that I am teaching up the hill at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique!   The second photo is of my sweet girl kissing our Pooch Marley!  I know, I know…looks kinda gross and if you remember what she said in yesterday’s post “If you lie down with dogs…you’ll get sick”.  What can I say, she loves him!


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