Wasted Time…

Do you ever feel like you’ve wasted your time on the things that don’t really matter?

For instance. Today I dwelt on: “I can’t” a little to longer than I should have. It seems like when the word “can’t” enters my mind it immediately cancels any chance of “can”. So, I’ve decided to start chanting “I can” instead. I can, I can, I can…kind of like “I think I can” (in the movie Dumbo), except I going for the I know I can. Goodbye grumpy old “can’t” – I’m finished with you! And I CAN!!!

If you’re curious about the card above…I made and sent it to my Grandma Crabtree. She bonked her head pretty good and ended up in the hospital! Her and my Grandpa do read my blog, so hopefully Grandma already received the card in the mail! By the way, Grandma, if you’re reading this…I sure hope that you’re doing better!

OK, now I can turn off my computer and go to bed…goodnight sweet friends.

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