Romance is about the little things…

“Honey, let me finish loading the dishwasher for you…”

This is what my husband said to me when I was in one of my “crazy” stressed-out fits.  I absolutely needed to leave the house by 8 am.  He and the kids had to be ready by then.  No exceptions!  Of course I had to have the dishwasher loaded and started before I left that morning.  He just wanted to help calm me down.  And of course, I view this as romance people.  Seriously.  He. Knows. Me.  He knows me enough to offer to finish doing a job that I imposed on myself one random morning so that I could feel  ready to leave.   Yep, he puts up with my frenzied fits.  He’s one of those true  romantics. 

P.S.  The flowers he picks for me and the poetry he writes aren’t at all bad either.  I know, I know…I snagged one of the really, really great guys!



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