A Dolphin Tragedy…

My Children enjoyed their last day of school today…it’s officially Summer at our house!  Whoop, whoop! 

Er…in reality I’m a little scared about all the planning I have to do now.  There are countless hours of summer to fill up with childhood entertainment.  Thank goodness for my parent’s swimming pool and the backyard hose.

OK, so I’m sure you want to hear about the Dolphin, right?

My sweet little girl saved  $117 of her hard earned classroom Monopoly money to buy herself this treasured stuffed Dolphin today, the last day of school:

She was so proud of it and proceeded to cart it around town this afternoon.  Then when we arrived home she cuddled with it on the couch.   Suddenly…horror struck!  She had left her poor dolphin unattended for mere minutes when Mr. Marley (our very fun dog who just so happens to be my daughters best friend – although I’m not so sure about that at the moment) decided that he liked the Dolphin more than my daughter.

Whaling and bloody screaming filled the living room…then…”Marley NOOOOOOOO!”  

My daughter’s sincere sobs crushed my heart and killed me.  Then I came back to life with a rash reaction:  “Well, I told  you to keep it away from Marley”  Gosh, I’m a mean mom sometimes.

Then Daddy (Hero, Savior of the Day, etc.) has her pick up the stuffing.  As he stuffs it back inside the dolphin he explains that the Dolphin’s wound can be fixed with a few stitches.  And I die again because he’s so sweet (and I’m not)…then suddenly I’m alive again and escorting her to the back yard to let the dolphin “dry out” (there was a lot of dog slobber involved). 

When my girl comes back inside Daddy explains to her how stitches work (sorry about the blurry photo):

I tell my daughter to come sit next to me on the couch.  she does.  She tells me:

“Today was supposed to be my best day ever” …and the tears start again. 

Holy cow!  I’m really feeling sorry for her at this point.

After I cuddle with her for awhile and tell her how much I love her and how sweet she is (yes, I’m feeling very guilty for my initial “you should have listened to me reaction),  I perform the necessary surgery. 

Mr. Dolphin has a bit of an ugly scar…but he’ll survive.  And my daughter…

…aside from a few tears of joy, I think she’ll survive too.  She has agreed to part with Mr. Dolphin long enough to let me stick him in the washing machine so he can be “like new” and be free of the dog slobber stench.

All is right with the world again (sigh).


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