The Horse Named Sky…


Sky is a year old this month!  Do you see the red bridal on her?  It was so huge back then.  Now…it doesn’t even fit her, she’s completely grown out of it!  I went out the other day to turn the horses out in the pasture.  My husband came with me…he didn’t even recognize her, she’s grown that much. 

My children have had so much fun watching her grow.  They were there an hour after her birth and have seen how much she has grown in the last year…

As much as I love my parents horses I have to admit…yesterday was somewhat of a crazy day.  My parents have been out of town (quite often lately, seeing as they’re opening a business in another state) and left me in charge of turning out the horses.  That’s all…just turning them out.  They have hired someone to feed them morning and night and to shovel manure, etc….So, my only job was to turn them out, come back several hours later and put them back in their stalls before dinner. 

I drove out to their house yesterday at about 9:30 am and let all four of their horses loose to run free and graze in the pasture.  Here’s were the problem arose.  Remember the story I told you yesterday about Parker?  Well, I think I  must have been rattled a little because by the time we were all calm and left the movie theatre it was well past dinner time.  Naturally I drove home so that I could feed my family.  Then settled in for the night….

Before I knew it I was completely exhausted.  I looked at the clock: 11:30 pm!  Suddenly I remembered the horses out running free in the pasture.  Wow!  I felt like a complete idiot.  I jumped in my car faster than you could say “horse neglect” and drove (a lot faster than I should have) to my parent’s house the next town over.  The whole time chanting “stupid, stupid, stupid…”

Luckily when I arrived the horses were all safely in their stalls and as content as horses can be.  The gal they had hired to feed them had put them all back.  I was so grateful.  It did not stop me from feeling stupid though.  I left her a note thanking her and made sure she had my cell phone number (I don’t trust myself much anymore- can you tell?).

As much as I am an animal lover….you might not want to leave me in charge of yours while you’re away.  I have several more examples.  Like my friends dog that decided to run away while I was watching it or the time I was kicked in the face by the horse mentioned above…or the time I fractured my foot while caring for horses…or the time I got my dog hit by a car because I am so bad at throwing Frisbees.  Yep…those are all stories for another day.  Believe me I try but I think I’m a little jinxed in that area. 

I’ll stick with childcare.  Babies…I’m good them I’m good at…

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