Planting Seeds

My kids planted some sunflower seeds in an egg crate a couple weeks ago. Today I let the kids plant them in the backyard along the fence…We probably waited a little too long, the poor sunflower sprouts were clinging the the cardboard egg crate for dear life. Now that they’re in the ground it will be fun to watch them grow and bloom!

My friend Jen came to visit today and we decided to take the kids and go rose shopping. Jen and I have been meaning to do this for at least two months (seriously, emails and phone calls…crazy how hard it is to hook up these days). We finally made it happen and Jen showed up on my front porch.

I’m so excited to finally have roses again. We bought our house last July and I haven’t planted any until now! It’s been a long time waiting.

I took some photos to share…if you’re curious, the names of the roses above are (from top-bottom, left-right):

Golden Shower, Sentimental, Double Delight, Don Juan, and Angel Face. It’s hard to pick a favorite they’re all so beautiful and smell WONDERFUL! I’ve been feeling down in the dumps for a couple of days…planting the sunflowers and roses totally lifted my spirits. I think i just needed to get OUTDOORS. I need to pamper myself like that a little more. It’s funny how something that can seem like a “chore” can actually be so rewarding.

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