One of my favorite photos…

I took this photo of my children in 2003.  When I think about my children they still seem to be this size.  At the time my daughter was almost 3 and my son was 6.  It is as if they never age in my mind.  Even when they are standing before me, sometimes it seems as if they will always be small.   I am often shocked when I look at them and realize that they are huge (well, not huge  but it seems they are very large when compared to the above photo).  My daughter, Izabelle is 7 almost 8 and my son, Parker is 11. 

It seems as though I will turn around and they will be adults.  I prefer to keep them forever young in my mind.  Just as they are in the photo above.  I finally understand what my parents meant when they said, “You will always be my baby”.

…These two will always be my babies.



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