To the Father’s in my Life…

To my sweet husband, thank you for all that you do for our family.  For your hard work and dedication, for your tenderness and devotion.  We love you…

To My Daddy,  I love you so much.  After all these years I am happy to say that I am still your Pumpkin Poo!  You have taught me so much, loved me like crazy and instilled in me a knowlege and love for my Heavenly Father.  You’ve given me peace by knowing you’ll always be there for me.  And you’ve taught me how to get my hands dirty with good, hard work.

To my Grandpa Crabtree,  thank you for your kindness which is everlasting, for your brilliantly happy mood that never disapears.  Thank you for all the years of happy memories and for your love and knowlege of the scriptures and all things good a glorious in this world.

And I can not forget my sweet younger brother Adam, I love to watch you with your daughter.  You are an amazing father, so tender and sweet.  I love how you love your family and am so pleased to be your older sister!  Thank you for finally making me an aunt!


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