Hearts and Skulls…


Izabelle has never been a “girly-girl” – don’t get me wrong, even at the tender age of 7 she is very feminine.  She claims to like “boy” things.  Izabelle Love’s Dragons, skulls, and Guitar Hero III.   So, I was a little shocked when she picked out this pink shirt while we were shopping the other day.  I let her pick out her own clothes (within reason – I’m not a mom who will let her 7 year old wear “sexy” clothes, not that she’s even remotely interested yet) she did a good job…

Izabelle made it very clear that she wanted to buy “rocker” clothes.  I couldn’t help thinking “Barbie and the rockers” when she chose her little pink shirt with hearts and skulls.   She also found socks with dragons (her personal favorite) “Cool Mom, Dragons! – I know they’re boy socks but can I get them?”

 This little 7 year old scored!

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