And We Celebrated…

We heart cupcakes!  Izabelle wanted to make some Red, White and Blue Cupcakes for the 4th of July.  My first thought:  I’m going to have to use A LOT of food coloring to make red and blue frosting.  Then, inspiration hit.  While at the store I had picked up some raspberries and blueberries – perfect. 

I cheated a little on the cake (thank you Betty Crocker) but Belle and I made homemade cream cheese frosting.  Yum – so good with those berries!  Did I say Yum?  YUM!

Our family went to a party at a friend’s house to celebrate.  This kids had fun playing in the water and eating carnitas.  The best part of the party for Izabelle and Parker was the fact that they got to keep the flags that had been placed all over their yard! 

We drove to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks.  Well, not exactly the fairgrounds…we parked behind the Costco right next to the fairground (along with half the town).  We ended up with the best seats ever! Although, we almost left at 10:30 pm (the kids were tired, OK I  was tired) but we decided to wait it out .

 The fireworks did not go off until almost 11pm – the kids had fun with their glow sticks (and fighting over the blanket) while they waited. 

I am always amazed at how beautiful fireworks are.  This year our family decided that the green and purple fireworks were the loudest.  And the white fireworks with the second explosion on the end were the prettiest.

I hope you all had a fun a safe fourth!


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