Mary Poppins came to visit…


Just a spoon full of sugar

Helps the medicine go down


The medicine go dow-own


Medicine go down

Just a spoon full of sugar


Helps the medicine go down


In the most delightful way



 For one month I’ve tried to get Parker to clean his room.

You’ve seen the photos, you couldn’t even walk into his room.

The floor was completely covered! 

Parker’s room was so out of hand that I simply refused to clean it.

Parker would ‘try’ to do it himself…

which usually consisted of him picking up toys and piling them on his bed.

At night, when it was time to sleep,

all the toys would be shoved off onto the floor again.

Well thank goodness Mary Poppins came to visit today!

She worked miracles!

Mary moved the desk out from the wall and cleaned behind it, she cleaned out drawers, she moved the bed and cleaned out underneath it, she cleaned out the closet, she even moved the TV and cleaned out behind it!  Amazing!

I love Mary Poppins.

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