The Secret is in the Sauce!

I do my blogging duty every day and visit The Secret is in the Sauce to check out who the Featured Blogger is.  Every day I comment in Roll Call and every day I comment on the Featured Bloggers site.  But TODAY…well, today is a different story because I am the Featured Blogger!  WHOO HOO!  I am seriously feeling a comment high.  I was supposed to leave for work 10 minutes ago and I just can’t drag myself away from my computer.  This is crazy cool!

Alas, I will be responsible and go to work…but I’ll totally be reading the comments in between tasks! 

Thank you to all my SITS Sistas (and brothers).  This is so much fun! 

To those of you who read my blog regularly and are not yet part of the wonderful SITS community…what are you waiting for CHECK IT OUT!


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