Back to School…

I can’t believe that Summer Vacation is over.  Insane!  It barely seems as though we had a summer, especially with the smoke veil we were under for the first couple of months…staying indoors is not what summer is about, right? 

We did have some fun though, and the sleeping in thing was quite nice!

This morning we were up bright and early…Parker’s bus left at 7:15 and then Izabelle had to be at school by ten minutes to eight.  They were both so excited to go back to school. 

Parker starts 5th grade this year and Izabelle started 3rd grade.  I’ll never get used to how fast my little ones grow.  In fact, they’re not little at all anymore!  Izabelle has grown completely out the the “little girls section”  when we went shopping and Parker is in the largest size in the Boys section…soon he’ll be off to the men’s section…sheesh! 

I miss them already…but am happy to say that I do enjoy having a normal schedule again.

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