Friday Foto Fiesta {Paris Anyone?}

Join the fun, it’s hosted by CANDID CARRIE!  Check her site out HERE!

Above is a photo of me with my best friend Laura.  We’re in Paris, France and it was my 18th birthday.  Yes, after all these years I still have crazy curly red hair.  No, I do not still wear weird vests (it was an early 90’s thing.  Hey, don’t laugh, I was very stylish in the 90’s).  Just in case you don’t know me and you’ve never checked out my photo on the upper right hand side of my blog, I’m the oh so hot (at least I was then) 18-year old on the right.

This is us at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I wish I could go back. Right. This. Second.  Oh wait, this picture takes me back…kinda.  Ah, but the memories.  Young and on the loose in another country with a bunch of teenagers (er, I mean young adults)!  Seriously, this was the time of my life.  I still have the “itch” to travel, I can never quite get that itch scratched the way I want it to be.  Someday…Someday SOON, I hope.  I will be traveling to distant countries again.  Then and only then will my traveling itch will be scratched properly.

Her’s my gang of friends back on solid grond in front of the Eiffel Tower.


Ah -Good times, good times.

I left California a 17-year old.  When I returned I was 18 and had a little “world” experience under my belt.  My eyes had been opened.  I had seen more culture in 6 short weeks than I had in my “almost 18” years.  OK, maybe not the ENTIRE 18 years, but you catch my drift, right?  It was a lot for a young woman to take in.  Lucky for me I actually appreciated all the art and history I was witnessing…the Louvre, don’t even get me started there.  I’ve always loved history, although I am no “history buff” I love to learn about those who have come before us. 

The very first country I visited on this trip was Italy.  My first day on foreign soil was spent in Rome.  Talk about history.  But that’s a post for another time. 

Happy Friday!

Love, Christie



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