World’s Cutest Two-Year-Old

My cutest (and only) niece, Kayla celebrated her 2nd birthday today.

These photos are her with my brother (her daddy) Adam.  You have to admit, she’s so darn cute!

Here is a photo of my brother’s sweet little family.  My sister-in-law, Vanessa is expecting again!  So exciting!

My cousin, Alyssa (she’s my kids second cousin) came to play too!  She fit’s right in with her blonde hair…she could be one of mine.

And this little cutie was just one of many adorable children at the party…

This was the big party attraction…fun how the little things entertain children.  When did I stop playing on a see-saw?  I think someone needs to invent a giant see-saw for adults.

Kayla didn’t quite know what to think about her chocolate cake in flames.

She got over it, real fast.

See, I told you.  World’s cutest 2-year-old!

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