I Miss You

Dear Grandma Wolfe,

It’s been 14 years now since you passed away.

I miss you.

I miss your tight white curls.

I miss the smell of your face cream at night when you washed your face.

I miss the way you would squeeze my hand when you held it in yours.

I miss the smell of your kitchen when you would make me poached eggs in the morning.

I miss the stories about all of your brothers.  And the tale of your sister that died before you were born.  I remember…you used to show me the lock of her hair.  It was the same color as mine.

I have so many happy memories of time spent with you.  You would sing “Trot, trot to Boston to buy a loaf of bread” to all of your grandchildren while bouncing them on your knee.  I remember picking cherries from the tree in your front yard, long walks, tying quilts, baking pies…you let me whip the cream, camping…lots and lots of camping.  My hand print in the cement, watching soap operas, watching you make Divinity, the sound of your voice when you sang – you taught me how to sing harmony.

Remember the long car rides?  You came along on almost all of our vacations with us. Remember the Tire game?  The one where Mom wrote our names in chalk on the tire.  Whenever we stopped the car and the wheel landed on a name, that person would win a prize.  Mom put your name on the wheel with ours.  You won every time.

I miss you.

You died right before my eighteen birthday…I was traveling in Europe.  Sometimes I imagine you are still here because I was not there to say goodbye.  I still haven’t said goodbye.

This life is precious…a blink.  Soon enough I’ll say hello and hug you tight when I see you again.  Because I will see you again.  Maybe I will have tight white curls like you.  We will have eternity to sing together and you can teach me how to make a perfect pie crust.  You will finally meet my husband and sing “Rock-a-by” to my children.  They will know you like I do.  They will love you like I do.

I miss you.

I love you.

Love, Christie

Thank you Kathy for this writing prompt.

If you would like to learn more about Kathy’s writing prompts, visit her blog “Mama’s Losin’ it” by CLICKING HERE.

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