Just For Fun (Fx4)

OK, I know that I’ve been promising you more layouts…I’ll get to them, I swear.

Today is Friday, which means Candid Carrie’s Friday Foto Finish Fiesta (Fx4).  I love reading Candid Carrie’s blog and I LOVE Fridays.  Today I have something special in store for you but please don’t tell my husband…he might just have to get even after this one!

Have you ever heard of Blendy Pens?  I hadn’t until Izabelle was given some for her birthday.  They come in this package:

Do you see the little puff of air coming out of the green “Airbrush Blaster”?  Yes, the pink and yellow cloud.

My husband decided to have a little fun with that cloud…check out the following and remember: DON’T TELL!

Here’s the kicker…I was laughing so hard that the photo is blurry…

Now let’s hope my hubby won’t check out my blog for a few days…

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