You Want To Be What For Halloween?

My, what big EYES you have…

My, what big HANDS you have…

My, what big EARS you have…

My, what big TEETH you have…

Oh my, you’re not Izabelle at all…You’re a….a….a….

A WEREWOLF!!!  My goodness, this is sort of scary Izabelle.  Can you please remove your mask?

Much, much better.  There’s the cute girl I know and love.

I think my girl may need therapy.  She’s totally into the scary (until it’s dark outside, then she wants me to “lay down” next to her).

I made Izabelle buy a Pirate-girl costume for her “Halloween” birthday party last weekend; even though she wanted the Werewolf costume.   There were some younger kids invited to the party and I didn’t want her to scare the pee-waddin’ out of them dressed up as a Werewolf.

After her party was over, Izabelle asked if Dad could take her back to the costume store so that she could buy the Werewolf outfit.  I protested until she said she would spend her own money (she received $20 in one of her cards).

Me:  Are you sure you want to spend your birthday money on a werewolf costume?

Izabelle:  YES! YES!  YES!

Me:  But you already have a perfectly good costume.

Izabelle:  Yeh, but it’s not a scary costume.

Me: OK.  Go ask your Dad if he’ll take you.

And of course, sweet man that he is, my husband obliged.

Oh brother.

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