Spooky {Vintage Style}

OK, I admit it’s been a bit spooky around here.  Pretty Paper Blog has had a little ‘Halloween Fest’…or something of that nature.

Going along with the same theme (it’s finally October and appropriate) I made this little “Spooky” garland for Karen at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.  She’s celebrating her Boutique’s 2nd Anniversary (I’m sure I’m scrapbooking away up there as you read this post).

I cut letters for the “SPOOKY” garland from chipboard, spread on some Mod Podge, then sprinkled on some silver glass glitter.  The cool thing about the glass glitter is that it will eventually tarnish and give the garland that “vintage” look.

For the back side of this Spooky Garland, I used Vintage Tarot Cards (I picked them up at a local Antique Store).

This is what the back-side of the banner looks like:

I hope you all have a SUPER weekend!


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