I was feeling a little blue, not sure why…just one of those days.  Maybe I’m a little down because I miss my family…the family that moved off to Idaho…and Utah.  I’m still here in California.  Not that it’s a bad thing to be in California, I just miss them.

I don’t know what made me do it but I grabbed my camera on the way out the door this afternoon.  I can’t really explain the feeling of having a camera in my hand.  It just feels good.  It feels right.

I’ve haver taken a  photography class but I’ve always wanted to.  Maybe if I took a class it would be easier to capture my world through phototgraphs…easier to tell the story of my life from behind a camera lens.

I was waiting to pick up Izabelle from school and started taking photos.  The first one of myself in mirror on my car…

Then I snapped a photo of Izabelle as she was getting in car.  Then I noticed a tree behind her.  A beautiful burnt orange tree.  Gorgeous.

I love Autumn.

Suddenly I was feeling better.  I had a half of an hour before it was time to pick up Parker from school.  I took my time driving there, pulling over on the side of the road whenever it felt right…snapping photos.

I love to close my eyes and feel the breeze, gentle, cool, calming, the sun shining on my face. As my eyes are closed, I listen to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.  I feel peace. I feel blessed.  I feel grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.

I love Autumn.

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