Some Fall Photos…

I took a lot of photos yesterday…too many to share in just one post.  So this post is mostly for those family members that moved out of state.  Hopefully my blog regulars will like them too.  I have yet to scrapbook these photos but they do inspire me.

Here’s a current photo of my home:

Just kidding.  The above photo is not of my home.  This mansion was the home of the Bidwell’s.  Nowadays it’s a Museum.

The Mansion did, however, provide an excellent back drop for this photo of Izabelle:

And this photo of Parker:

I also found some other lovely things to take photos of around the Mansion:

I’ve mentioned before that my kids like the “I SPY” books…With Parker, it’s sort of an obsession lately, he carries the “SCHOOL DAYS” book everywhere:

Izabelle found some beautiful “Sparkly” flowers…you all know how much I love anything that sparkles:

OK, I think 8 photos is a little too many for one post…I have a couple hundred more…maybe I’ll save those for the scrapbook.

Have a wonderful day!

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