The Barn Star

I’ve been admiring decorated Barn Stars for awhile now.  I’ve seen them painted, covered with paper,  distressed or stenciled…each very unique and beautiful.

For the past couple of months, every time I’ve visited a craft store, I kept my eyes peeled for Barn Stars.  I finally found a couple quality metal stars that were about 14 inches across.  There were only 2 left (around $5 each) so I snagged them both.

I thought it would be so fun to cover one of them with my beloved Graphic 45 paper as an altered project.

It was not as easy as I planned, only because it took me a little while to measure the sections that I wanted to cover with paper and then cut them properly.  Once all the pieces were cut, it was pretty darn easy.

I used Mod Podge to glue the paper to the star and then again over the top of the paper to seal the deal.

Now that it’s finished, I wish I would have sanded the edge of the paper and maybe added a little paint. Oh well,  I still have one more to experiment with.

Here’s the before picture:

Here’s the after picture:

What do you think?

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