Halloween Cuties!

The cuteness begins!  Above is my little niece Kayla the Pumpkin Witch.  She does not like her photo taken so I had to sneak one in while taking a photo of “The Pumpkin”.

This next photo is of my kids with their cousin…I took a few and in all of them at least one of the kids was looking away…in this one it was Parker.

Here’s one of Parker the Astronaut, complete with Jet Pack.  Izabelle was a Werewolf but could not wear her scary face around the little ones.  If you’d like to see her scary costume click HERE.

Kayla and Parker caught in a Halloween hug.

This is one of my favorites…My friend Carrie’s little boy Kade the Pirate.  In this photo he was saying: “Walk the plank!”

I finished up my Halloween with my Sista’s at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique:

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