I remember little of being an 8 year old but one memory I do hold dear involves a Cherry Tree.

This particular Cherry Tree was in my Grandma Wolfe’s font yard.  While climbing the branches, my cousins and I would fill a huge bowl with the reddest, plumpest, juiciest cherries.

I loved to lay down on the grass in the sunshine, I would close my eyes and feel the warmth on my face.  I remember the sound of the wind through the trees.  I would eat cherries until my stomach hurt.

My cousins and I always picked cherries for Grandma and Grandpa.  I remember Grandma’s face when we would bring her the huge bowl, she was always so pleased when we placed it in her hands…Grandma’s eyes would shine with love, she would touch my face and kiss my cheek; her hands were wrinkled but her skin was so soft.

To this day, I still love cherries.  I love to lay down in the sunshine and I love to feel the sun’s warmth on my face.  I love the sound of the wind in the trees and when I close my eyes, I feel peace.

I now wonder if the peace I feel today is in part a remnant of the 8 year old child, lying in the grass with no real worries, feeling only the joy of childhood. I’d like to think so.



  • TMI Tara says:

    What a special memory! I treasure my memories so much, that’s one reason I scrapbook too. I don’t want to forget a thing! I love the cherry tree story. I also have a memory of picking cherries with my grandma and then pitting them and just chatting on her back porch while we did it. so special.

  • what a great memory Christie!! This is why we scrapbook – to hold close these kinds of memories and pass them on to our children!!!

    I saw your layout for PSB – holy smokes, it’s ROCKIN’ girl!!! I love it!!

    I saw your comment on my vent – what was I thinking when I sent foot in that store??!!! NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!!! I have not had the chance to go shopping at PSB in a long time, we are in the middle of litigation with our builder – long story, but I hope to get there soon!!! Smooches, my friend!


  • Gayla says:

    My grandma had a cherry tree and an apple tree in her back yard. She also had alot of these flowers that I now forget the name of, they have little bell flowers on them. I used to love picking them while she picked fruit.

  • Susan says:

    Thanks for the wonderful story and for sparking a memory for me. I love trees and laying at the base of a giant maple or willow looking up through the branches and whiling away the day is an experience that I had forgotten about. And I love cherries!

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