Happy New Year 2009!

I hope this year brings good health and happiness to all of you!

I haven’t submitted a Friday Photo over at Candid Carrie’s place in quite awhile.  I’ve missed hanging out over there at Carrie’s.

Dear Carrie,
Thank you for your patients with my Fx4 flakiness.
I’m back and I’ve missed you!
Thank you for always pulling through for all of us…Every. Single. Friday.
Every. Single. Week.
You amaze and astound me and I truly appreciate your hard work.
Your Bloggie Friend,

Usually I catch my husband doing something silly, take a photo and use his silliness to my advantage on my blog.  Well, I haven’t caught him for awhile now.  But he did catch me.  I guess it’s time for my payback.  It’s only fair, right?   I have two super-silly photos.

Here’s the first:

My sweet husband, Dan took me out to Sushi and the movie, Yes Man on New Years Eve.  On the way out of the movie I saw this life-size poster and just had to stick my head in the head-hole. Dan took this photo with his phone.

I know, I don’t quite look frightened enough, but I was trying not to laugh as strangers passed by shouting out advice about facial expression.

I will not be seeing this movie that I seem to be starring in. I do enjoy a scary movie now and again but I don’t like gore for the sake of gore.

And as for the 2nd picture…you’ll just have to wait until next Friday.


Now, get on  over to Candid Carrie’s Fx4 (Friday Foto Finish Fiesta)!

Make 2009 a good year!

Love, Christie


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