A Place I Will Miss

Paradise Scrapbook Boutique is not only the cutest little Scrapbook Store ever, it’s also my FAVORITE Scrapbook Store ever!  It is hard to move away from my comfort zone, from California.  Moving away from my little “Scrapin’-Family” at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique makes it even more difficult.

I love every nook and cranny of PSB.  I love all the memories that have been made within the walls.  I love that whenever I walk through the door, I instantly feel creative!  I love the women who crop and take classes there.  I love every single thing about the place.

This is Karen, she owns Paradise Scrapbook Boutique:

Thank you Karen, for creating such a special place.  Your store has become my special place.  Your friendship means more than you can possibly know.

I am sure that all of the ladies that come to play at PSB feel the same way I do.


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